Sparkle Cut Technology (SCT)

Sparkle Cut Technology is a proprietary, nano-faceting process that dramatically increases the sparkle of a diamond without changing its characteristic core. When light hits Sparkle Cut Technology diamonds, an unimaginable burst of sparkle and brilliant color is released.

The technology creates nanofaceting (microscopic grooves undetectable under 10X and 30X magnification) on the surface of 2-3 pavilion facets. This redirects light that would normally leak from the diamond through the pavilion, back up through the table where light meets the eye, and increases the sparkle of diamonds by 50-100%.


How Sparkle Cut Technology Works

  • A proprietary algorithm determines the location, number, and depth of the
    microscopic grooves to be applied
  • A focused ion beam creates the microscopic grooves, which redirect light to the
    table of the diamond, which creates more sparkle.
  • The invisible, microscopic grooves do not change the carat weight, color, clarity, or
    overall characteristics relating to the diamond grade.

Sparkle Cut Technology is suited for jewelers as a:

  • Customer Enhancement: Add unimaginable sparkle to your customer’s already-
    owned diamonds and an incremental revenue stream to your business.
  • In-house Stock Improvement: Turn stale inventory and Improve underperforming,
    lower-end diamonds by brightening their sparkle.
  • New Product Line: Procure diamonds and create a branded line, enhancing sparkle and increasing margins of otherwise poor performing diamonds.

JD&Co. is the jewelry industry’s exclusive resource for Sparkle Cut Technology in the
United States. Currently available for brilliant round-cut diamonds, Sparkle Cut Technology is a low-cost service with the price based on volume and carat weight.

Sparkle Cut Technology is accepted by AGS and GIA to dramatically improve sparkle without changing the integrity or weight of the diamond.