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Improve the sparkle of diamonds by up to 50-100%.

Sparkle Cut Technology’s proprietary, microscopic groove process is acknowledged by major labs and dramatically increases the sparkle of a diamond without changing it’s weight or characteristic core.

How Sparkle Cut Technology Works

A proprietary algorithm determines the location, number, and depth of the microscopic grooves to be applied.

A focused ion beam creates the microscopic grooves, which redirect light to the table of the diamond, creating more sparkle.

The invisible, microscopic grooves do not change the carat weight, color, clarity, or overall diamond grade.

How Stores Use
Sparkle Cut Technology

Customer-Owned Diamonds: Add unimaginable sparkle to customer’s already-owned diamonds and an incremental revenue stream to your business.

In-house Stock: Improve the sparkle of underperforming, trade-in, street-bought, or other diamond inventory.

New Product Line: Collaborate with JD&Co. and established diamond vendors to create a line of branded diamonds with visibly improved sparkle.

How Sparkle Cut Technology Compares

Research tells us that the measured level of Sparkle in a diamond is important, because consumers want fabulous Sparkle more than color, clarity, or cut.


When Sparkle is measured using the GemEx Light Performance Scale, diamonds improved with Sparkle Cut Technology have registered some of the highest Sparkle ratings ever recorded.

Medium - High
Typical diamond sparkle rating on the GemEx scale

Very High
Average highly-rated diamonds on the GemEx scale

VH+ (Very High Plus)
Sparkle Cut diamonds have achieved VH+ ratings on the GemEx scale

Why Sparkle Cut Technology?

A revolutionary technology

Increases sparkle by up to 50-100%

Undetectable under 10X-30X magnification

Treatment is smaller than polish lines

Does not affect the polish grade

Does not affect carat weight, color, or clarity

Costs less than other technologies

Non-branded and able to be white labeled

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