JD & Company provides excellent industry leading design and repair from our 30 expert jewelers on staff. You can rest assured, JD & Company will handle all of your jewelry repair and design needs with the utmost care. By concentrating on the details, and not the speed of production, our craftsmen and women are allowed the time needed to expertly design or repair any piece of jewelry you might imagine.

We utilize the latest technology, machines, and lasers in our facility. With the training, experience, longevity, education and resources we have, we can accomplish even the most difficult repairs in house. Once items are received and processed, the Production Supervisor performs an additional inspection to determine if there are any further repair issues or requirements. If we determine the item needs additional work, it will be scanned and relogged back into our Customer Service department. Customer Service provides the client a proper explanation of what was found and the cost to properly complete the repair efficiently and effectively.

If no additional work is needed, the Production Supervisor chooses a well qualified goldsmith to complete the job. Our goldsmiths are highly trained and focus on individual specialty areas. This allows the expert in that field to give your piece the best care and attention. Because of our diverse staffing and resources, we are able to offer specialty services that many repair facilities cannot, such as working with invisible settings or diamond laser inscription. We can size specialized rings anywhere from size 7 down to a 4 or from size 7 up to size 11 on Micro Pave. We also specialize in watch repair and are able to work on nearly every brand and model of wrist and pocket watch on the market. From antique to modern, our expert watch repair specialists can bring new life back to almost any timepiece.

We treat each customer individually and as a close ally and partner in the design and repair process. We focus on the details, investing our time and expertise in providing the best service to our clients. We understand what these pieces of jewelry and watches might mean to your clients. We aim to honor that in our work. Once repairs are properly completed, the item is sent to Quality Control.