Gem East, by JD&Co

Gem East is designed so your customers can select high-quality settings, choose their metal color, and custom-pick their gemstones. This semi-customizable line includes bridal, anniversary, pendants, earrings, nuggets, and gents pieces.
How Gem East Works
  1. Jewelers hand-pick 20 complimentary styles to display within their showcase.
  2. Customers choose settings from display, or from Gem East catalog.
  3. Customers personalize with their choice of metal color and gemstones.
  4. Jewelers show customers a digital proof of their personalized piece in real time.
  5. Customers receive their semi-customized piece in just 12 working days.
Why Gem East?
  • Zero up-front inventory investment
  • Complimentary samples and display
  • No minimum sales requirements
  • Hundreds of pieces to offer customers
  • Customer choice of setting, metal, and stones
  • Well-made, heavy-weight metal
  • Digital platform that displays customizations
  • Easy online ordering and quick turnaround
  • A trusted and established brand since 1957